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We Buy Houses Sussex


About The Client
A father and son team based in Brighton, purchasing properties in the South East of England who have been involved in property for many years.

The Requirement
Tired of viewing dozens and dozens of properties on the market with estate agents by people who have unrealistic expectations of the sale value or sales falling through because the sellers chain breaks they wanted a site to help them source more properties from motivated sellers who can sell and move out quickly.  The client did not, however, want an ‘overtly professional’ looking site as they felt something too professional may “put off” their target market.  They wanted the site to be clear in what they offer while being true to who they are – a small, friendly local business.

The Solution
The website is bright with lots of white space to add emphasis to the images.  The home page is clear in it purpose from the outset and uses imagery to help the visitor understand the benefits of using their service.

Free Valuation Lead Magnet Popup with Lead Magnet

The top banner includes an invitation for people to register their details in return for a free valuation.  We also applied a popup promoting the free valuations in an attempt to capture more leads, which is triggered when it appears the visitor is about to leave the site.



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