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About The Client
George Gannon is a property developer and investor who specialises in Commercial Conversions (the conversion of commercial property into residential units).  Having done this successfully for 15 years George now shares his expert knowledge through his Commercial Conversion course and mentorship programmes, helping people succeed like he has.

The Requirement
George needed a site to promote his personal brand – a down to earth, friendly and ultra-helpful guy with a desire to give back to a sector that has been good to him by helping others succeed in the world of property investment.  George also wanted a mechanism from which to capture customer leads.

The Solution
Since the primary goal was to promote George the homepage is all about him.  Video is very effective at engaging with visitors because as a rule people do not like reading streams of text therefore the main part of the page begins with a video message from George introducing himself which helps create a relationship with the visitor.  The video is accompanied by a short biography of George and further down an impressive portfolio of his past projects.

More video messages are present throughout the site and a consistent layout with easy navigation and a clear menu.

George Gannon Lead Magnet

The website also includes a ‘Lead Magnet’.  A lead magnet is something of value but normally offered free in return for the visitor submitting their brief contact information and agreeing to receive communications in the future.  In this case it is George’s “Commercial To Residential Opportunities Report” that people will receive free in return for registering their details on his website.

MadHat Digital assists with the ongoing maintenance and updates of the website.



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