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Become a Pro with WordPress

Do you have a business, hobby, interests you want to share but no online presence to promote it?
Do you have an online presence but it is less inspiring than a bowl of sprouts for breakfast?
Have you been quoted more than you can afford for someone else to build your website.
Or tired of paying a premium for even the smallest of updates to your current website?

At MadHat Digital we have heard all these complaints (and more) many times over, so we asked ourselves what can we do to help.

Our answer was to provide people like you with a comprehensive set of online training videos covering all the knowledge you will need to develop or update your own amazing website(s).

For less than the cost of a night out you could get access to over 85 easy to follow video tutorials that will teach you how to develop and publish your very own website.

  • Starting with an introduction to the WordPress dashboard, the hub of all you do
  • Learn the basics of creating and adding content to your pages
  • How to add, remove and edit images
  • How to add, remove and (in case you remove a page by mistake!) restore pages
  • Discover how to add your media content – pictures, videos and audio tracks
  • Learn how to create your own blog posts (they are like pages but have different characteristics) and the importance of categories and tags
  • Learn about Widgets – important because there are 1,000s out there and you will want to use many
  • How to create and edit menus and add in your own custom links
  • Get your site noticed with the videos on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO to us experts!)
  • Are you planning to sell stuff online?  We have you covered with over a dozen videos on how to create your own online store using WooCommerce!
  • Build your own customer lists with contact forms


When WordPress update their software with the latest stable release we will update our videos to reflect any changes in the way you use WordPress – at no extra cost while you are a member.


Over time we will add to the selection of videos giving you an even greater knowledge and skills in the world of WordPress……again, at no extra cost while you are a member.

So what is stopping you? 

Click the JOIN button below for instant access!